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What is the essence of InterExec?2021-11-25T01:25:50+00:00

InterExec’s services are most relevant for Executives who are seeking £200k/$300k+ (or equivalent) because that is a hidden market where it is almost impossible for the Executive to get a comprehensive view of relevant opportunities and an unbiased view of their prospects.

InterExec provides a free service to a 15,000 strong global Executive Search Consultant (Headhunter) network to advance our Executive Client’s prospects confidentially, with minimum interruption to normal workflows.

What is the difference between Headhunters and Executive Search Consultants?2021-11-25T01:26:47+00:00

Headhunter is a name given to both Executive Search Consultants and Selection Consultants.

Executive Search Consultants generally handle a small number of the most senior vacancies, are ‘assignment driven’, so do not look for candidates except when they have an assignment, they search for mostly employed Executives confidentially, usually without advertising – so the opportunity does not enter the public domain.

Selection Consultants build up a large database of candidates, then usually advertise their vacancies, mostly under £200k/$300k pa, and then select a shortlist from the applicants and their database.

Consultants work for Executive Search Consultancies or Selection Consultancies or Search & Selection Consultancies, who employ both Executive Search Consultants and Selection Consultants.

The 15,000 strong worldwide InterExec network is comprised almost exclusively of Executive Search Consultants.

What is the free service you provide to Search Consultants?2021-10-24T08:46:44+00:00

We provide Search Consultants with pre-validated Top Executives, which saves them time and money, meaning that they don’t need to talk to you if they haven’t got a relevant vacancy and if they do, we can tell them in 5 minutes whether you are good for their shortlist.

Also, we never talk to them about you until we have done their Validation for them.

What is Validation?2021-10-24T08:47:33+00:00

When a Search Consultant gets an assignment, they have to put up a shortlist of say 5 candidates, and to do that they have to look at let us say 10 people and validation takes say a day of elapsed time for each candidate, but we have done this already for our Clients, verifying career, qualifications, references, identity, skills, achievements and entitlements so that we can provide a comprehensive Profile to the Executive Search Consultants rather than just the CV, saving them time and money.

A Profile consists of a CV and a Validation Certificate, supported by a Validation Pack, consisting of qualification certificates, passport or equivalent, a written/verbal descriptor and current references solicited by InterExec.

What’s the difference between InterExec and Outplacement/Career Consultants?2021-04-14T09:29:51+00:00

Every other service just advises on a DIY job search. InterExec uniquely obviates the need for their Executive Clients to undertake a job search.

What industries/disciplines/geographic locations do you cover?2021-11-25T01:27:28+00:00

Our network is global, across all industries and disciplines as you might expect after 45+ years.

How many clients like me?2021-10-24T08:48:00+00:00

We have probably acted for many Clients in a similar position to you before. However, all Clients are different, so we find we can seldom recommend more than 1 client for a role.

Can InterExec find me an interim role during the search campaign?2021-11-25T01:28:32+00:00

If you wanted to do some remunerated work during the Implementation phase we could help you to secure it, but do not count on us for that. Whereas 90% of the long term roles originate from our resources, only 30% of interim do so. We can tell our Clients who to talk to, but interim recruiters tend to want to talk directly to the candidates.

I find relevant adverts, so is InterExec really of use to me?2021-04-14T09:34:24+00:00

Senior roles are sometimes advertised, but in the vast majority of cases they are advertised only because they are required to be and in reality the appointee or shortlist is already known.

If you find many roles publicly available, then it is likely you are not yet ready in your career for our services.

How much do InterExec services cost?2024-06-26T07:51:28+00:00

On an hourly rate basis, they are calculated at £150-£300 per hour, but most clients prefer fixed fees, which vary with individual requirements and will be agreed before commencement of services and based on individual requirements.

Can InterExec work on a success fee?2022-04-05T11:23:32+00:00

Unfortunately, the Employment Agencies Act 1973 specifically forbids charging an individual for finding them a new role.

Over 45 years ago I looked for a professional organisation which would undertake a job search for me, maximising my career development confidentially, whilst enabling me to focus on my work without distraction. I was amazed to be advised by the Institute of Chartered Accountants that they were regularly asked for such a facility, but that it did not exist. So InterExec was created and remains a globally unique service for busy senior executives to this day.

Kit Scott-Brown

Founder, InterExec

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