How we work

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Our task is simple; we represent our clients' confidentially to the International Search community, with the single objective of encouraging our clients selection for relevant career opportunities.

The way we approach this challenge is to invest time in understanding our clients.

At our initial meeting we look at their journey to-date, together with their aspirations and motivations. We agree a plan to achieve their objectives and through regular updates on activity and outcomes, we adjust the strategy as required in response to market feedback.

It is important to stress that our work is highly confidential and personalised and every client will seek different levels of support from the team. For some, it is just about interviews and access to career opportunities whereas for others there might be additional layers of support from general market advice, to sharing interview tips and coaching, as well as helping clients to understand the recruiter mind-set. When it comes to employer interviews, we will often also work through scenarios and help clients with their strategies.

For the Marketing team, it is all about relationships. Whether leveraging our many years of experience working with over 15,000 members of the retained Search community, or simply working closely with our clients as a team to gain the best possible result and achieve their objectives, our focus on the individual is key to our success. Knowing our clients and knowing our market is how we do it.



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Nearly 40 years ago I looked for a professional organisation which would undertake a job search for me, maximising my career development confidentially, whilst enabling me to focus on my work without distraction.


I was amazed to be advised by the Institute of Chartered Accountants that they were regularly asked for such a facility, but that it did not exist. So InterExec was created and remains a globally unique service for busy senior executives to this day.


               Kit Scott-Brown

               Chairman, InterExec