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As we recover from the toughest global economic conditions for a generation, senior executives must work harder than ever before to ensure that their value system sits at the heart of their career strategy.

Irrespective of the economic cycle there are always opportunities for the best people, those with significant, quantifiable and proven delivery credentials.

Those individuals who are truly passionate about adding value, and who truly understand how to deliver will continue to enjoy significant competitive advantages that will ensure their services are always highly sought after.

Of course the drive and effort necessary to deliver at the top end of expectations predicates total and unwavering focus.

The very best candidates are often oblivious of, or indifferent to, competing opportunities such is their involvement in delivering in their current role.

Often they do not have the time, and even if they had the inclination the need for confidentiality rules out all but the most discreet routes to market in any event.

This situation is exacerbated in so far as most senior roles, practically without exception, are the prerequisite of Headhunters. In fact 90% of these roles are NEVER advertised, either in traditional media or online portals.

How then do busy, successful executives ensure that they have visibility of, and access to, senior confidential roles handled by secretive and anonymous Headhunters?

Who would they trust? Who has the degree of integrity and insight necessary? How do they reach the appropriate audience without compromising their current role?

If only there was another way…



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Using our unique international network and in-depth market knowledge, we act discreetly to provide unrivalled access to prime opportunities which are rarely published.


                Mark Taylor-Weir

                Executive Services Director