Senior Executive Market Updates – Current activity levels

As we approach Q3 traditionally the months of July and August are of course key vacation times in several parts of the world. In many respects this creates an ideal time to start the planning process of hunting for your new challenge with an objective of being in the market in the highly active September to December period. Search Consultants often have more time to focus on candidates during the summer period and it is an ideal opportunity to plan and prepare for your optimum next assignment.

However, the current market across several business sectors and in a number of global regions remains highly active.

In terms of sector breakdown; whilst technology is slightly sluggish regardless of scale, areas such as energy and transport, ports & shipping remain very buoyant as does FMCG and HR.

The UK market is in something of an anticipatory state ahead of the upcoming General Election. The market does however seem to be in broad agreement that the election being brought forward from the expected late-autumn is good news.

In other markets, including the US and South East Asia, opinion amongst the InterExec network of search consultants seems to be that we will experience a busier than usual summer and a bumper autumn.

Private equity remains relatively quiet due primarily to high interest rates in Europe and the US limiting the number of transactions. However, there are some early green shoots to suggest things are improving. The real turning point will be the return of lower interest rates.

One search consultant sums up the overall picture as follows, “we are hearing and seeing some really positive signs that the markets are moving back in the right direction for hiring at senior level. After the summer break should be a lot more buoyant.”

In several sectors the market in the US, across Europe and the Middle East remains active. Specific sectors include tax, legal, advisory and business change. Consultancy, especially in digitalisation and AI as well as wealth management and compliance sectors are all currently strong.

Finding the right Search Consultant, with the most appropriate job opportunity to match your objectives in this unadvertised and often politically complex marketplace is the core InterExec skill.

Additionally focussing and preparing you and planning the entire process by which you identify and find that new challenge is InterExec’s unique speciality.

In planning for your next career challenge in 2024 getting that process underway in the summer will take advantage of appointments Search Consultants continue to have mandates for. Please, do not hesitate to get in touch with the InterExec team, at any time up to 6 months prior to when you hope to move.