Senior Executive Market Updates – Increasing levels of activity

In the major geographic regions and across the majority of business markets levels of activity with search consultants has clearly strengthened.

Despite geopolitical issues and some economic uncertainty there is an increasing demand for senior executives in many industries where driving future growth and organisation transformation both strategically and commercially is needed.

Early spring continues to be an ideal time to get the search underway in order to be looking at potential offers in the coming months and securing the next major challenge.

The Middle Eastern market is very “bullish” across the FS landscape. There is a lot of activity across the wealth management, Sovereign wealth fund (SWF) & PE markets. As you’d expect, the PIF is a driving force behind increased activity across Saudi Arabia.

Due to demand, search consultants are increasingly establishing a physical presence in the Middle East, with some now focusing their efforts fully on developing business there.

The economic and investment climate in HK is more challenging with China’s slow recovery.

Broadly there is growing demand for organisations that are in the process or restructuring and advisory roles at a senior level are sought in a number of business sectors and mature markets.

From Q1, which was slower than predicted, the market in Q2 is reflecting search consultant optimism about the rest of the year, which makes early planning and now activating the process an appropriate step to take in the coming short term.

In the broader financial sectors activity is particularly strong in legal, treasury and the insurance space.

Sector specialists in tax, blockchain, hedge funds and asset management as well as an increasing level of interest in NEDs are all currently active areas.

In consultancy the life sciences and health sectors as well as food, technology and ESG are all sectors with a demand for outstanding executives, especially with a proven track record.

Finding the right search consultant with the most appropriate job opportunity to match your objectives in this unadvertised and often politically complex marketplace is one of the key InterExec skills.

Please do not hesitate to get in touch with the InterExec team at any time up to 6 months prior to when you hope to move.