Senior Executive Market Updates – Q4 very active

Globally speaking, the September upturn seems to be kicking in earlier than we would normally see; candidates across a broad range of sectors and disciplines are seeing increased levels of engagement from the market and increasingly about tangible opportunities.

The current feedback from the InterExec network of Search Consultants in the major regions across different business sectors is a clear indication and prediction of a strong September/start to Q4. Specifically this includes Manufacturing, Industrial, FMCG and Automotive.

Overall, Search Consultants are very positive about the next 3 months.

However, it’s not an entirely evenly rising tide. The global IT services market is somewhat slower and still in a state or perceived change, meaning that there is something of a glut of senior talent from such firms in the market currently. That being said, Search Consultants have, over the last couple of months, suggested that the worst may now be behind them.

Geographicaly speaking, the UK and Western Europe seem to be seeing increasing levels of activity and investment in the Middle East remains very high. The US market especially in finance related sectors is strong and there is a growing demand for experienced Senior Executives in the Far East, especially those with a strong growth record.

Looking more specifically at the financial markets, roles in banking continue to be an area of interest. Risk and compliance roles remain an active area for opportunities in the banking sector in the major international markets.

The UK market reflects this broader situation, London City minister Andrew Griffith said the financial services industry was still a “jewel in Britain’s economy” after jobs in the finance sector hit a record high.

Figures released in August showed that the number of jobs in financial services climbed to a record high of 1.2m in the first quarter of this year, 34,000 more than the end of 2022. Griffiths continued “Our vision for Britain as the most open, innovative and competitive financial centre in the world is bearing fruit”.
In financial services across the major regions there are current opportunities in the following areas:

Technology AI.
Business development – broad interest including openings in commercial banking, investment banking (capital markets), insurance and digitalisation.
Senior sales positions in technical areas such as re-insurance and cybersecurity.
Operations Directors.
Financial restructuring.
ESG – wealth and asset management.
Risk and compliance.
Insurance underwriting.
Corporate Governance.
Sector specialisms such as treasury.
Investment management.
Corporate development and financial strategy roles.

Roles in professional services opportunities exist in the following:
Consultancy strategic and operational.
Technology particularly digitalisation and AI.
Third sector a range of opportunities including CEOs, business development directors and NEDs.

Legal a broad range: In House, Partnership and Public Sector.

Across a wide range of corporations in many business sectors the market for Senior Executives with the following areas of experience is looking strong through Q4 and into the new year:
Financial transformation in professional services businesses.
Accounting/CFO roles.
Operations Directors.
Heads of legal and compliance.
GC roles in international firms.
Business Development Directors.
NEDs in the public sector and education.

Finding the right search consultant with the most appropriate job opportunity to match your objectives in this unadvertised and often politically complex marketplace is one of the key InterExec skills. Additionally focussing and preparing you and planning the entire process by which you identify and find that new challenge is InterExec’s core skill.

Please, do not hesitate to get in touch with the InterExec team at any time up to 6 months prior to when you hope to move.