Senior Executive Market Updates – Strong Q4 continues

The InterExec search consultants global network which is 15,000 strong continue to report a strong Q4, clearly with some variation by region and business sector.

Geographically, the senior executive market is positive in the UK, US, Europe, Asia and Africa. The Middle East has been a strong market but understandably the current unrest will have some short term effect whilst organisations evaluate the situation.

In terms of finding a new significant challenge in 2024, getting that process underway now as the market remains strong would be well worth consideration.

Some comments from search consultants in the InterExec network indicate current views:

“With regards to our business, we are totally snowed under… I can hardly find a moment to breathe.”

“All well, busy and things continue to be picking up.”

“I would say the market is as we expected in Q4 and there are opportunities in several verticals and functional areas at the top.”

Specifically, contacts within the defence and aerospace sectors have reported that this is an increasingly buoyant area with the major players, particularly in the US, showing significant growth; this is seen as a result of a couple of factors. Firstly, a natural uptick following a slower than average recovery for this space in 2021 post pandemic and, more notably, in response to geo-political factors over the last 12-18 months. Recent events are expected to increase growth in the defence space even further as governments in the West respond to growing instability and threats.

Ports and shipping also seem to be areas seeing notable improvement; many major projects are moving ahead in the ports space, combined with increasing natural growth as demand for international shipping continues to increase globally.

Cross-sector, demand remains high for candidates specialising within ESG / Sustainability; increasingly, organisations with mature ESG practices are more appealing to investors and this reflected in the need for ESG focused talent.

Looking at some specific sectors of the broad financial markets, FinTec is particularly active. London ‘tech chiefs’ have called on the government to push ahead with reforms after a new survey showed that London has climbed above San Francisco as a global hub for fintech for the first time.

ESG regulation is also a strong area of activity. From 2025 The EU generated Corporate Sustainability Reporting Directive applies. It will initially impact on all companies with significant activities in the EU; after that it will expand to cover anyone with instruments listed in the EU including SMEs. The impact on compliance departments is likely to be substantial and planning to meet the directive will need to commence in 2024.

The financial market overall remains strong and the volume of opportunities is encouraging.

There are of course concentrations and trends, but generally, both financial and professional services are demonstrating positive signs.

In the US, latest quarterly results from the major Banks continue to be good, despite the fact that increased borrowing costs have prompted the prudent creation of increased provisions.

Financial Services opportunities
Financial / financial / debt advisory / leveraged finance / roles in insolvency, distressed debt and special situations.
M&A, corporate finance.
FP&A, investment strategy, financial strategy.
ESG, sustainability.
Energy and renewables.
Technology / AI / FinTech/ green tech.
Wealth management.
Investment banking – capital markets.
Investment management – portfolio management.
Governance, compliance and risk management (including credit risk, market risk and cyber security).

Finding the right search consultant with the most appropriate job opportunity to match your objectives in this unadvertised and often politically complex marketplace is one of the key InterExec skills. Additionally focussing and preparing you and planning the entire process by which you identify and find that new challenge is InterExec’s core skill.

Please, do not hesitate to get in touch with the InterExec team at any time up to 6 months prior to when you hope to move.