Senior Executive Market Updates – Market remains hectic

In many respects 2022 has been a challenging year not least with the Covid effect on many business operations and the War in Ukraine which has caused any number of global problems especially in the energy zone.

However, notwithstanding both of those major events and a host of others which have a direct effect on business in many sectors and across most geographic regions the market for Senior Executives has remained strong and even as we approach the holiday period the demand for outstanding candidates is not quietening.

In terms of market feedback from the InterExec global network of Search Consultants:

Across Europe, NED candidates are in particularly high demand, if they represent a diversity addition. Notably, Women looking to expand a portfolio of advisory opportunities.

Candidates with notable Private Equity exposure remain in high demand, particularly CFOs with a track record of driving longer term growth as opposed to just preparing an organisation for exit.

The market in the APAC region is relatively buoyant however, looking at major hubs such as Singapore, there remains a strong preference for locally developed talent or at least expats who are already in situ.

Investment in the GCC and wider Middle East remains strong, particularly around infrastructure investment in the region as well as funds (Sovereign Wealth, Family Office etc.) investing from the region into the UK and Europe.

In the Financial and Professional Services sectors there remains a strong market for Senior Executives in several regions. On the Professional Services side the focus is on Legal, Business Change, Operational Change, Digitalisation and Consulting candidates

On the Financial Services side the principal sectors of interest are – Private Equity, Tax, Pensions, Energy / Renewables / Sustainability, FinTech, Asset Management, Wealth Management, Retail and Commercial Banking, Compliance, Regulation Real Estate and Insurance.

NED openings relate to both areas

With regard to location the roles cover UK, US, Africa, HK and the Middle East.
Roles can also sometimes reflect the geography, and in recent weeks retail and commercial banking roles have principally emanated from the Middle East.

The InterExec network continue to report a strong market with active mandates in a wide range of sectors specifically Energy, IT, Manufacturing and FMCG. Business transformation and driving growth through these tougher economic times is at the forefront of organisations who are seeking to recruit for appointment in the first quarter 2023.

InterExec is uniquely placed to plan and implement such transitions, having done this for nearly 50 years. The InterExec team are specialists, with a wealth of experience and knowledge at senior executive level as former company directors or executive search consultants.

In planning for your next career challenge in 2023 this remains an ideal time to get that process underway to take advantage of the surge in appointments Search Consultants now have mandates for. Please, do not hesitate to get in touch with the InterExec team, at any time up to 6 months prior to when you hope to move.