Senior Executive Market Updates – Oktoberfest!

It is October and whilst the Oktoberfest events are usually a great time of celebration and fun, the current political and economic scene is both challenging and volatile. However whilst the politicians and their advisors debate the way forward, the corporate and business world clearly remains focussed on how to maintain growth and the most effective structures for positive transformation.

In that context the market for Senior Executives who are thinking about their next challenge remains extremely hectic and the demand for outstanding people across the major business sectors and geographic regions is currently strong.

To quote a highly experienced Search Consultant from the InterExec network of over 15,000 global contacts, “there is no longer a lack of Senior Executive roles but a very real skills shortage in a wide range of business sectors including, Transport, Retail, Supply Chain, Manufacturing and Oil & Gas”.

Broadly speaking, the market in UK seems to gathering momentum in a way it hasn’t since Pre-Covid; C-suite roles in fast growing technology companies are in real demand and the same can be said for CFO and FD level positions cross-sector.

Looking further afield, the market in the GCC and particularly the UAE remains very active thanks to high global oil prices. Notably, a majority of this investment remains away from, the traditional energy space as organisations and investors in the region look to diversify and continue to reduce their longterm reliance on, oil.

Speaking globally, the market is shifting from a mandate driven to candidate driven market; increasingly, high calibre candidates are at a premium in comparison to a much higher number of roles being presented than we saw through ’21 and the first 8 months of ’22.

In the Financial Services market the industry globally is going through deep and profound changes. Digital transformation is reshaping how institutions do business. Artificial intelligence, machine learning, high-end data analytics, and software and product design are now core parts of how firms operate. Hence these skills have become increasingly important for more businesses; senior Executives with these skills are clearly in demand.

The InterExec Search Consultant network reports extremely active FS and PE markets in the major European, US and UK regions.

There are several disciplines across the broad sector where there is a current demand for Senior Executives including PE, Insurance, Business Development, Investment Banking, Asset Management, Private Bankers, Senior Solicitors Professional Services, Conveyancing, Hedge Fund, Renewable Energy and Infrastructure.

The spread is comprehensive and areas that have been relatively quiet are now active, for example Tax and Relationship Management.

Additionally, areas such as Risk, Compliance, Regulation, Audit, FinTech and Consultancy continue to offer a number of outstanding opportunities.

In searching for your next key challenge this is an ideal time to get that process underway to take advantage of the surge in appointments Search Consultants now have mandates for. Please do not hesitate to get in touch with the InterExec team.