Senior Executive Market Updates – Remaining Buoyant

As spring moves into early summer the feedback from the InterExec global network of Search Consultants continues to strongly indicate that the current market for Senior Executives is extremely buoyant.

COVID, the oil price and related energy costs as well as the war in Ukraine have had, and clearly continue to have specific effect in some regions and on some sectors of business. Nevertheless, despite those issues, the broad picture across the major regions and a wide range of business sectors is that the market is stronger than at any point in the last few years and there are very real immediate opportunities for Senior Executives seeking their next major challenge.

There is increased interest in Consultancy positions in the UK and Europe; Search Consultants report that companies are turning to the management consultancy space to drive transformation internally.

The high oil price is continuing to create a high level of international investment from Sovereign Wealth Funds and Family Offices from the Middle East. This is reflected in investment organisations looking to diversify their portfolios away from Hydrocarbon dependency.

The SaaS and the broader IT Services space are perceived as being particularly active. Organisations are hiring at Senior Executive level especially in revenue generating roles.

Search Consultants across the InterExec network are reporting mandates across a wide range of roles and in many business sectors:

Chief Executive & Chief Operations Officers
Marketing Directors
Manufacturing Directors
General Managers
Chief Information Officers
Non Executive Directors
Chief Financial Officers

Real Estate
Energy / Solar / Wind / Renewables
Hospitality / Leisure
Retail / Consumer
Manufacturing / Industrial

Additionally in Professional Services there are opportunities in Energy, Financial Services, Education and ESG Consulting.