Senior Executive Market Updates – Continuing Demand

The market for Senior Executives across many key business sectors and in the major geographic regions remains highly active. We continue to believe this is an ideal time for Senior Executives potentially seeking their next major challenge to enter the market.

The consistent feedback from global Search Consultants is that the market has never been busier in terms of mandates. The problem is a continuing lack of experienced Senior Executive candidates in the market. Clearly there is a very real current opportunity for those seeking their next new challenge and role.

To quote one highly respected Search Consultant, “this is the busiest we have been for 10+ years; there are a number of outstanding roles available if we can find the right candidates”.

Sector Activity
One sector seeing significant activity is the HR space. Within that, the reward and talent acquisition segments are very busy.

The Education sector is also busy with roles ranging from Commercial Director to Managing Director.

Private Equity remains busy, especially within technology.

Sectors that continue to recover well are travel, tourism and hospitality. Executives from the cruise industry are of real interest. > Sectors that continue to recover well are Travel, Tourism and Hospitality. Executives from the cruise industry are of real interest.

In the Financial Sector areas where Search Consultants are seeking profiles include:

CEOs for PE backed businesses and Charity / NFP Senior roles where there is significant activity in Wealth and Asset Management. It is interesting to see how the financial press and the Search Consultants are picking up on this as an area of possible significance.

NED Roles in Financial Services are coming back on stream – several sectors: Insurance, Wealth Management, Asset Management, Private Equity, Consumer Finance, Audit and Risk.

On the Professional Services side,. Consultancy offers opportunities in areas such as Digitalization and Education.

Regulation, Compliance, Risk and AML remain as areas where there are current Senior Executive roles in the market.

Opportunities in the FMCG Space in Europe are increasingly appearing in the market.

The Middle East remains very active as organisations continue to leverage current high oil prices to invest in projects & businesses to move away from hydrocarbons long term.

The Pharmaceutical and Medtech spaces across the UK and Europe are particularly active at a Senior Executive level.


The experience and current impressions of the market are those of Search Consultants gleaned from direct contact with a cross-section of the 15,000 strong InterExec network and represents their views taken in the last few days.

There remains an improving business confidence in several key markets and the demand for C-Suite / VP roles in a number of sectors including IT, Manufacturing, Healthcare, Financial and Professional Services continues to grow. There is a very real demand currently for experienced Senior Executives who might be considering their next key challenge.

In searching for the next challenge please do not hesitate to get in touch with the InterExec team.