Senior Executive Market Updates – Breaking News

The latest market feedback regarding immediate opportunities reflects a market that is very active in the hunt for Senior Executives.

In Hong Kong, the further easing of COVID restrictions and the ‘election’ of a new Chief Executive is increasing both consumer and investor confidence in growth.

An interesting addendum to this is that many Westerners and other expats are planning on leaving the city when restrictions allow. This is likely to lead to something of a ‘brain drain’ on the city with expats and westerners in senior roles departing and therefore leaving gaps in the executive landscape. This should lead to an uptick in opportunities.

The energy space and in particular Oil and Gas is increasingly buoyant in response to high oil prices caused by the war in Ukraine and sanctions against Russia. In particular, downstream opportunities (such as with oil refining businesses) are becoming increasingly prevalent.

Roles relating to the Renewable Energy space and similarly with Sustainability at their core are also increasingly in demand in Europe and the UK.

The biggest sector seeing the most activity is Technology. Function wise there is demand for both CEO and CFO candidates.

Regarding the CFO/Financial Officers market, demand is very high cross sector. Having a commercial core is increasingly important as the days of a CFO/FD being appointed to purely focus on the numbers seems to be a thing of the past.

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