Senior Executive Market Updates – High Demand

As a Senior Executive searching for the next ideal challenge it will always be tough at the best of times. Whatever stage your career is at, finding the perfect role in terms of business sector, location, package and personal fit is complicated by the nature of the Senior Executive recruitment market. Key roles are rarely advertised and the network of Search Consultants who have relevant mandates for your skills and experience makes progress time consuming and frequently frustrating.

For over 45 years InterExec has worked with thousands of Senior Executives across the spectrum of business and industry sectors to both plan and implement the process to find those ideal next challenges.

We maintain contact with over 15,000 Senior Executive Search Consultants worldwide in order to understand exactly the current state of the market and specifically the candidates in demand as well as the mandates Search Consultants are working to fulfil.

Current Market Update
The market generally for Senior Executives both across business sectors and geographically is a much healthier place currently that at any point in the last few years. Some Search Consultants are reporting that they are taking on searches from their clients in areas they wouldn’t usually focus on, because the demand is there and outstanding candidates are in short supply.

Specifically there is a demand in Retail, Luxury, Consumer Goods, Renewable Energy, Power, Utilities and E-commerce. In Chemicals Search Consultants report they have never been so busy.

The Energy and Natural Resources world is going through a cyclical growth phase. As such the focus is on P&L, strategic and business development roles, particularly across EMEA.

There is increasing movement and demand in the O&G segment as well as Engineering, Logistics and Supply Chain.

In the FS sector there is sustained interest in FS Consultancy, FinTech, Insurance, Legal and Data Analytics. In all areas there is a requirement for specificity. There are also senior high profile roles in NFP where direct experience is a significant advantage.

From a location perspective the most active regions and countries are currently the Middle East, Switzerland and the UK. Singapore is again more active having largely dealt with the COVID issue. Whilst the CEE region is currently slower, mainly due to the uncertain situation of the War, Western European markets continue to be strengthening.

The InterExec process is unique in both the preparation of Senior Executives as they hunt for the next key challenge and the global network of Search Consultants which provides comprehensive and confidential access to the most outstanding opportunities.

If you are considering searching for your next challenge please do not hesitate to get in touch with the InterExec team.