History of InterExec – part 12

In June 2016 InterExec, based in St Helens Place in the City of London, was providing an excellent service of introductions through our extensive Search Consultancy Network to our UK and Internationally based Senior Executive Clients; most of whom were seeking career advancement in or prospectively connected with the UK. Business was suitably profitable and growing with an enthusiastic team.
The only little cloud on our horizon was the forthcoming Brexit referendum, because if senior executives are going to make a serious commitment in making a move to advance their career they need to feel secure that it will be successful, which would be caste in some doubt if new barriers might arise between the UK and the rest of the world, Europe in particular.

I was presumptuous enough to ensure that our staff were all fully aware of this, but alas our 15 votes did not tip the balance, so as a result we lost 50% of our turnover.

We expected a downturn, but it was some time before we knew the full extent of this disaster and, in the expectation that it would soon be all over, we even moved to larger offices. So, when it did become clear we had to make serious economies, we essentially resolved to keep the team together and absorb the losses.
On a positive note we used thousands of hours of our time reinforcing our capability to act for Senior Executive Clients, no matter where in the world they were based or where in the world they wanted to secure a new role.

Little did we know that it would be three and a half years of struggle, but it was worth it because as 2019 was coming to an end, Clients gained confidence and business really started returning…then Covid arrived three months later!

Now there was more reason than ever to keep the team together, albeit all working remotely, because it was essential to make more introductions than ever to enhance our Clients’ prospects in fast moving and changing markets around the world and answers needed to be found, without extra cost to the Clients, for those whose skills were temporarily not in demand.
Happily it was again worthwhile, because as we all started ‘living with Covid’ in early 2022, not only did the Clients regain confidence, but also the markets around the world are really powering ahead.
However; now we have War – let’s hope that Pt 13 of this history will be a happy one.