Senior Executive Market Updates – Increasing Demand

The market for Senior Executives across all major business sectors and essentially in the key geographic markets has not only returned to pre COVID levels but there is clearly pent -up demand, which means that Search Consultants are actively seeking outstanding candidates to fill an ever- growing list of mandates.

Despite the inflation figures, pressure on supply chains and of course the dreadful situation in the Ukraine, the Senior Executive recruitment market is extremely active in the UK, Western Europe, US and the Middle East, although there is always a natural slowdown in that region during Ramadan. Hong Kong and Mainland China are complicated by the current COVID situation, but there is growing demand for candidates in preparation for the easing of restrictions. In all these markets there are current opportunities, which is an ideal situation for Senior Executives seeking their next key challenge.

  • Business Sector Overview
    The FMCG space in Western Europe is in a state of notable growth.
  • In the US anything connected to Blockchain technology is in high demand. There is clearly a gap for established CEOs with a proven track record.
  • The market for accomplished NEDs is increasing again in Western Europe and the UK.
  • In the UK the Manufacturing sector is particularly “hot” especially with experience in supply chain, renewables and the skills to achieve Net Zero 2050 for relevant organisations.
  • In Financial Services it is encouraging to see that roles which typified the market prior to COVID are back on stream, including Global Corporate Finance, Treasury and Investment Advisory roles.

Other areas of activity within Financial Services include:

  • Compliance, Regulation, Anti Money Laundering (AML), Financial Crime, Risk, FinTech, Debt Advisory, Restructuring, M&A,
    In Professional Services growing areas of activity include the Legal Sector, Strategy Consulting and Business Restructuring Consulting.

In summary sector and function wise there are strong and growing current opportunities in FMCG, E-Commerce, Financial and Professional Services, Manufacturing, Property , Digital and IT; indeed essentially all the major business sectors are hunting for great candidates.

In the £250K+ Senior Executive market identifying the ideal opportunity has always been a challenge. Knowing the global network of Search Consultants who may have the perfect mandate is complex and the market, is largely unadvertised.

The InterExec process is unique in both the preparation of Senior Executives as they hunt for the next key challenge and the global network of some 15,000 senior Search Consultants which provides comprehensive and confidential access to the most outstanding opportunities.

If you are considering searching for your next challenge please do not hesitate to get in touch with the InterExec team.